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Otto Driving Companion w/ OttoLog

Product price: $224.99 CDN
Shipping price: $15.00 CDN

Our newest model utilizes the GPS satellites to provide drivers of vehicles with real-time notification of their driving environment, while at the same time recording the vehicles trip data. The new OttoLog data logging feature collects relevant trip statistics that can later be used to view the trips on a map and allow viewing and printing of pre-formatted reports. Reports include: date, time, mileage, speeding behaviour, fuel economy and costs of trips, and aggressive acceleration and deceleration.

One year subscription to map updates, device personalization, OttoLog reporting, and feature enhancements included.

The box includes:

  - Otto driving companion
  - USB cable
  - Cigarette lighter power adapter
  - Jelly sticky pad for dash mounting
  - Velcro strips for dash mounting
  - Instruction manual

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Extra/Replacement Accessories

USB 2.0 mini-B Cable

Product price: $14.99 CDN
Shipping price: $3.00 CDN

USB version 2.0 compatible cable, with mini-B connector. For use with Otto Driving Companion and other USB devices requires a mini-B cable connector.

USB Car Power Adapter

Product price: $8.99 CDN
Shipping price: $3.00 CDN

Cigarette lighter adapter for USB charging cables. Use this cable to power your Otto in your automobile without batteries.

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